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Autodrome Silverstone

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Located near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire, Autodrome Silverstone is the most famous and visited highway in the UK. Drivers have been competing at this location since 1950, where many prestigious races and competitions have taken place, and its popularity has grown so much over the years that it now features in video games.

The history of the development of Silverstone is interesting: the circuit was built on the grounds of a military bomber base, which was constructed during the Second World War, in 1943. Three runways made up the classic triangle, which was typical of an airbase during those years. This triangle still sits within the perimeter of the modern-day track. Initially, only the take-off lines remained from the airfield for races, but in the following decades the circuit was developed and modernized and, today, the length of the entire track is 5.9 km. Since 2010, the track has been rebuilt and has held MotoGP, which will make it the fastest motorsports circuit in the world. 

When you visit the arena, at the request of the client, you can take a master class or simply drive a racing car (you have the opportunity to take driving lessons). It is worth noting that this tour is highly popular and queues are sometimes formed up to 1-2 months before the trip. Therefore, it is essential to book a ticket ahead of schedule.

Tickets for competitions range from £50f to £1300f depending on the location in the stands.

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