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Horseback riding in Hyde Park

70£ per person.

A supercar ride through the streets of London from £ 150 per person

Flight in a air balloon from £ 100 (per person)

London Stock Exchange

Duration: 2 hours
Day: Mon-Sun from 10 am to 4 pm
Price - £ 130

Helicopter tour over London

The duration of the flight is 12 minutes on the route London Buzz - £ 210 (2 hours of work of the guide),
The flight duration is 18 minutes on the route London Sight - £ 280
The flight duration is 30 minutes on the route London Max - £ 1850.
Only renting the whole helicopter, seats separately is not provided.
Day: Saturday-Sunday-March to November

Museums of London

duration depends on the number and list of museums (specified by email)

House of Lords

Duration: 2 hours
Day: 3.07 - Saturday 9.15-16.30
The day of carrying out: 2.08-30.08-Monday, Tuesday, Friday-9.15-16.30, Wednesday, Thursday- 13.15-16.30
The day of carrying out: 1.09-3.09, 20.09-30.09 Monday, Friday 9.15-16.30, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -13.15-16.30

Price - £ 130

Journey of the agent 007 over the Thames on a race boat

Duration: 2 hours
Day: Mon-Wax from 10 am to 4 pm
Walk on a high-speed inflatable boat where you feel like a superman.

The cost is £ 150

Tours to London's football stadiums, tickets from £ 20 (per person)

Gentlemen's Club (Duration: 6 hours)

Most of London's Gentlemen's Clubs are on Pall Mall Street: "Institute of Directors", "Athenaeum", "Reform Club", "Travel Club", "Motorists Club".

Cost - £450


Duration: 2 hours

Day: Mon-Wax from 10 am to 4 pm
Price - £ 130

Royal Hunt

Duration: 1-15 days
Day: September-October.

Cost - by agreement depending on the period of hunting.


Prices and hours of operation indicated on the page are correct as of August 2017.

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