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Excursion to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast

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We will transfer by ferry (duration: two hours) across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland, Belfast. Here, we offer you a short tour of Belfast, a visit to Fort Navan and a visit to the Castle of Carrickfergus. Next, we will see the caves of Marble Arch, formed by underground currents from many rivers converging and moving the soil. The caves are amazing and beautiful. Inside the caves, we will travel by boat along the underground water streams and lakes. At the same time, many underground beauties are shown, including the underground stalactite.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of the most attractive cities in the United Kingdom. This is a place for those who like to walk. The city is surrounded by green parks, gardens and mountains on all sides as well as in the main shopping areas. It is a lively and modern city, but its history is reflected everywhere. At the top of the highest mountain in the city is Edinburgh Castle. The first historical evidence of the existence of fortification (the fortress of King Edwin) dates back to 600 AD and soldiers have marched through the gates for a thousand years. This castle was the home of the Scottish Royal family until 1603, when the King of Scotland (James VI) also became the king of England and moved to live in London.

At the other end of the Royal Mile is the Holyrood Palace. It was built by the King of Scotland before it was annexed to England, forming the UK. Now Holyrood Palace is the second home for the British king or queen, who visits it in the summer. When the royal family is not here, you can visit the palace yourself. There you will see the main halls, stroll through the gardens and along the ruins of the monastery, a much older building. Behind Holyrood Palace is one of the nine Edinburgh mountains - an ancient extinct volcano, which bears the name "King Arthur's Throne." From its top you can look to the North, where you will see the impressive Firth-of-Forth River, as well as the suspension road bridge and iconic rail bridge which cross it. Trains have travelled over the rail bridge to the Scottish Highlands for more than one hundred years to date. Should you wish, you can also visit the Scottish Whiskey Heritage Center

 We will then travel to Stirling to visit the iconic castle, then continue on our way to Glasgow. There we will visit a stunning cathedral as well as the University. Glasgow is one of the richest cities for museums and galleries in Europe. Some of the most notable attractions there are the Glasgow Art Gallery and the Kelvingrove Museum, as well as the Cathedral of St. Mungo (1136) and the Hunterian Museum.


Upon request, we will make an excursion to the island of Bute with a walk through the richest castle in the UK - the magnificent Mount Stewart. It is surrounded by 300 acres of gardens and woodland, and visitors can enjoy viewing a range of landscapes as well as the castle. We can also visit the chapel of St. Blaine, the oldest Christian Abbey in Scotland. 

We advise you to combine a trip to Scotland with a trip to Northern Ireland. 

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