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Journey to Loch Ness, Scotland

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The freshwater lake of Loch Ness was formed during the Great Glen geological fault and is part of the Caledonian canal that connects the East and West coasts of Scotland. Most of the lakes in this part of the country are of glacial origin, Loch Ness is no exception. The water in the lake is cloudy and has a specific hue due to the high content of peat at the bottom. The lake is the second largest in Scotland, and the largest in terms of water volume. Local landscapes do not represent anything outstanding, but the views of the mountains and the ruins of the castle of Urquhart are undoubtedly picturesque. On three sides, Loch Ness surrounds Castle Urquhart and in the Northern part of the building you can see the remnants of the fortress walls as well as the foundation of the castle, which we will also visit. 

Loch Ness is one of the most visited sights in Scotland and the reason for its popularity lies in the numerous legends associated with the huge monster allegedly living inside it, Nessie. In calm weather, the lake is practically motionless. It was here that an attempt was made to establish a world speed record on the water, which ended in tragedy. Now, the shore is dedicated to John Cobb, who passed away following the accident on a jet engine scooter. 

We will also visit Fort William, another the major tourist center of Scotland. The city is the second largest in the Scottish Highlands and is located on the shores of the Loch Linnie sea lake, one of the country's three largest lakes. The city is located at the foot of the Grampian Mountains, or rather, their highest point - the mountains of Ben Nevis.

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