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Iceland. Northern Lights.

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The Northern Lights are arguably one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. For centuries this phenomenon of nature has attracted the attention of people worldwide. The auroras can be found in the works of many philosophers, including: Aristotle, Pliny and Seneca as well as many others. The Northern, or Polar aurora, is the luminescence of the upper layers of planetary atmospheres which possess a magnetosphere that is caused by their interaction with charged particles of the solar wind.

Over the years, the Northern Lights were thought of as harbingers of catastrophes, such as epidemics, famine and wars. For example, this phenomenon was associated with the fall of Jerusalem and the death of Julius Caesar. In any case, they were viewed as a manifestation of the wrath of the Gods or of other supernatural forces. People living in places where the Northern Lights are not uncommon tried to explain their appearance by natural means. For example, it was often suggested that they could be a reflection of sunlight from the sea surface or the emission of solar rays accumulated over a day in the thick ice.

The Northern Lights excursion is intended to take place on the evening of arrival. Since the Lights are a natural phenomenon, the tour will be dependent on weather conditions. If cancelled, the company will contact you to rearrange the viewing for the following day. If

poor weather conditions persist, there are other, equally spectacular, options available. These include a tour of the Golden Circle or a tour of the capital city, Reykjavik, which will be agreed with you in advance. Where a substitution to the program ‘Polar Lights’ is given, a refund of money will not be possible.

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